Star Trek The Continuing Mission

Star Trek The Continuing Mission (Or TCM for short) is a fan audio trying its best to ‘stand out amongst the crowd’ so to speak. The first episode titled ‘Ghostship’ sets up the background story for our cast. They’re a crew of the USS Montana in the 23rd Century (Phase 2/The Motion Picture era to be more precise) when after a Romulan attack they’re propelled 70 years into the future. The time they arrive and eventually learn they can’t leave is the early 24th Century. A time where the first Galaxy Class Starfleet vessel is years away from being commissioned. A time where no one has heard about the Romulans in DECADES and where there’s a fragile peace with the Klingons.

By the end of the 2nd episode it becomes apparent to the listen what the production team is trying to accomplish here. They’re trying everything in their might to recreate that early The Next Generation feel from the tone of the stories and even to the music. The 2nd episode (for those of your wondering) follows the repercussions of the crew finding themselves in the 24th Century whilst the 3rd episode, set some time after, has the crew going on their first mission where they encounter a mysterious new alien species which has the near enough same tone of the Borg debut episode in TNG. Watch that episode and then listen to the 3rd episode of TCM and I think you’ll agree there are some similarities. Episodes 4, 5 and 6 contain a 3-parter story arc that wraps up the 1st season of the show. I must admit I can’t wait for episode 7’s release.

I love the back ground music. It perfectly helps to recreate that TNG feel from the episodes I watched as a kid on Sky One at 5pm every day. Heck at one point the production team tried to release episodes using trailers from the original 80s airing but of course I became confused as most UK listeners would have.

The cast and even the guest stars are incredibly diverse with some actors and actresses having decade long careers on stage, radio, television and even film where as others are just starting to get their first acting roles in theatres. The variety in the actors and actresses in terms of experience is something I’m finding rare in some online fan productions with only a few exceptions such as Star Trek Phase 2 or the Hidden Frontier Productions but we’ll discuss those another time.

If you’ve never listened to a Star Trek fan audio before, The Continuing Mission is the first place I would point someone to, especially if that person grew up watching The Next Generation and Deep Space 9 like I did. Trust me! You won’t be disappointed.


P.A.N.I.C.S. is a comedy mini-series by Rooster Teeth Productions – the team behind the hugely popular web series Red Vs Blue. Using the F.E.A.R. multiplayer game P.A.N.I.C.S is about Bravo team, a squad of ghost hunters on the Government payroll. The story is told from the point of view of Frank AKA Bravo 4 as its his first day on the job. He’s nervous as he’s never seen a ghost before but neither has the rest of the team as we soon learn. Turns out they say they’ve seen something, shot it and then collect the easiest paycheck on the planet.

However, things don’t go that way on this mission as Bravo 1 is dragged into a room and brutally murdered in one of the funniest killing scenes I have ever seen. I would like to point out his team mates don’t actually help him until AFTER his pleas of help have stopped. They then go into the room and find it covered in blood and words written all over the walls. Then more stupid things happen that result in the deaths of everyone but poor Frank.

I highly recommend this mini-series if you fancy a quick laugh or just roughly 15 minutes to spare.


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