Singing Iron Man Versus

Flying into US theaters Midnight on May 7th is Iron Man 2. I mean do I even have to throw out that little tidbit of information? Even if you aren’t an Iron Man fan you can’t help, but to find an advertisement in every magazine, television show, and website relating to the soon to be Summer Blockbuster. The fact that early positive buzz is going to attract even more attendance this thing is going to give The Dark Knight a run for its money. I personally don’t think it will do as well as old Bats, but I think it has the possibility of getting close. The film has already made over $100 million smackeroonies overseas in a weeks time. As a local car salesmen says in my town, “It’s going to be HUGE!”

About a week ago I went to a link that had a YouTube video of Iron Man punching Hugh Grant in the face a couple times. Not particularly being a huge fan of Hugh Grant I applauded this achievement. To my surprise I found there were a few more of these short clips taken from classic movies where people would incorporate a digital Iron Man model. I thought these were rather clever and I’m guessing we’ll see more of these as the summer progresses. The last video in this edition of Adult Child of Alien Invaders is a cool stop motion short with legendary martial artist Bruce Lee squaring off against Shell Head. Enjoy!

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