Mash It Up

Films not normally posted on the Fan Film Follies are MashUps. A mashup is a series of professionally done film clips grabbed from a movie, television show, or a variety of other media and woven together to tell a cohesive narrative. In many cases these films are manipulated with Adobe Photoshop or After Effects or any number of media programs available commercially or downloadable freeware. I’ve even seen fan films mashed up with Hollywood films.

Are mashups fan films? In the regard that this website takes them the answer is no. They’re more fan edits than anything else and since the website is called Fan Film Follies and not Fan Film Edits we pretty much shy away from them. The argument falls to the fact that clips taken from films and shows were produced by an outside source with no relationship to the one editing them together or the one doing the mashing. BUT! (There’s always a “but”) There are some very cool mashups out there and in regards to this edition of Adult Child of Alien Invaders I wish to share a few favorites with you in no particular order. Let us begin…

Green Lantern Trailer

Terminator vs Robocop vs Predator

Thundercats Movie Trailer

Justice League Of America

Star Wars Vs. Rush Hour

Superman Reborn

Hitler finds out that Disney bought Marvel Comics

Star Trek Wars

Full Metal Star Wars (WARNING!!! ADULT LANGUAGE!)

Brokeback to the Future

  • art rhetoric

    Mashups do for Film, what Lip syncing does for Music.
    Like Junk food, it’s entertaining….but it’s not real product.
    Milli Vanilli….I rest my case.

    Other than for simulating a preview of a film concept for pitching, I see no
    real use for it.

  • A lot of people use “MashUps” to practice their editing skills or pehaps don’t have the equipment or the resources to go out and film their own stuff. Like you I don’t consider them true fan productions and although there are some good ones out there to many are just dull.

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