Mash It Up Part Deux

A couple columns back I posted a number of videos that are classified as MashUps. To review, a mashup is a series of professionally done film clips grabbed from a movie, television show, or a variety of other media and woven together to tell a cohesive narrative. In this case we’re going to talk the Star Wars lightsaber duel, probably the most over used visual plot point of countless Star Wars fan films and videos.

Now what if we took some of our favorite movies which included a sword type fight in the story, break out the Adobe After Effects, and turn those swords into the Jedi’s weapon of choice? You get some very clever visuals. Posted below are some of my favorite of these type mashups. If you want to see more do a search on YouTube or Google. There’s a lot of them out there. Enjoy!

Princess Bride

Lord of the Rings

Pirates of the Caribbean


The Mask of Zorro

Freddy vs. Jason

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