Random Fun – Volume 1

Often I find videos that aren’t technically fan films, but often time fit nicely within this site. Here’s a collection of fun and interesting videos I’ve been collecting the past few months. By now you may of seen a majority of them, but still fun to watch again or certainly cool if you’re watching for the first time.





ET Sequel: “ET-X”

Black Widow Gone Wild

The Death of Superman

Funeral for a Friend

Superman vs Hulk – The Fight

Wolverine Kicks Ass

Leia’s Waltz

“The Chardon Polka Band” and “Off Kilter Productions” teamed up to film a unique STAR WARS themed music video based on the band’s song, “Leia’s Waltz”. The song was written by Star Wars enthusiast and band leader Jake Kouwe for the band’s album “Pirates, Women, and Beer”. The video, which is of course set in a galaxy far away, was made in attempt to capture some of the fun that the Star Wars universe has offered us. You’ll see some familiar characters and costumes in project, but also some new unique creations. It is a sharp and to the point video for a catchy tune about everbody’s favorite intergalactic princess.

Raiders of the Lost Archive

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Original Cinematic

Fan Made Imagining

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