Sheila Bowers – Darth Mistress

Sheila Bowers is not a famous actress, a model, or anyone you would possibly know. Sheila Bowers is – however – the sexiest damn Sith Lord I have ever seen!

FAN FILM PODCAST (through Christopher Moshier): Can you tell us about yourself?

SHEILA BOWERS: I am a young girl with a dark creative mind and with a sweet personality. I look at things differently and never mean to hurt anyone. I had a s**ty childhood and it made me see things in a different way. I have learned from my dad on how to be a better person and to never turn out like my real mom. I care a lot for other people. And I think people see that and they use my kindness and stab me in the back.

I have been told I am an angel and that I am a sweetheart. I am very much so. I may pull off this image of being a bad ass chick with my pictures. But when you meet me in person and you see how my personality is, I am a completely different person. When I take pictures, I am using my dark creative mind at hand. I like to be creative and try new things out. I am a really passionate person with my pictures and art work and graphics I do on the computer.

I love modeling but I am not in a business for modeling yet. I like doing it my way and with my own stuff. But when you pose with another person, especially one who has the same passion for photography as you do, the pictures come out great. I have been drawing for a good most of my life. My real mom is an artist and my dad sketches, with both of them in my blood I can draw very well. And since I like dark things, my drawings turn out to be more in depth towards really deep and meaningful things, including depression. I have been around a computer since after the 6th grade. I had home schooling for 4 years on a computer and I learned a lot of stuff in that time. But now since I like messing around with things and being creative, I create a lot of graphics and stuff.

FFF: I have to ask to start with! How many MySpace sites do you have!?!

mistress_001SB: I (laugh) have 5 in all, but a few of them I can’t access for some reason. But I mostly am on my personal account, my Darth Mistress, my Rogue Jedi Adriana, & Vamp Danger accounts. But all accounts are based upon me in different characters I made up but I model for as a visual for those characters I created.

FFF: How did you get going on taking the pictures and digital photography?

SB: When I was little I liked looking through magazines and seeing all these beautiful people showing these different poses and expressions in their pictures, that it inspired me that one day I could do that for myself. So when I got my first digital camera as a Christmas present I have non-stop done different kinds of pictures for fun and to be creative. But not until recent have people notice me for being this photographer and creative person as I am.

FFF: What kind of reaction have you gotten not only from Star Wars fans but people in general?

SB: I’ve gotten a lot of different sorts of comments for these pictures I’ve done as this character known as Darth Mistress. I’ve been told I am one of the sexiest Siths out there. And from my friends who know me publicly they sometimes tease me about the pictures and crack up jokes or say sweet comments about them – which is all fine with me because they are only speaking their minds. I haven’t really gotten any negative comments as of now that I can recall. But not everyone is going to like the way you appear. But my only comment to those people are that they go on by my appearance and if they knew who I really was they would think differently of me I‘m sure.

FFF: I find it amazing now how so many women are getting into the conventions and the dressing up. Cosplay has been around for ever, but it seems to be expanding into American Pop Culture. Do you have any opinion on the world of the “fanboy” now turning into the “fanperson” with oodles of young women now showing up at say comic conventions or sci-fi conventions?

mistress_002SB: I think that it is quite interesting and nice to see that women are coming out as equals to men – that girls can be shown out to the world of entertainment as great good super heroes to really deadly villains. So it’s really cool to see once in awhile a woman standing up for herself without having a man save her. And I like to add I have never been to a comic convention in my life but I would really like to someday. I’ve seen many pictures from people dressing up as different characters that it is really neat to see people taking their time to be creative and have a blast at a party. I wish to do someday come out and do the same as well.

FFF: How did you get into Star Wars and what other GEEKDOM are you enthralled in?

SB: When I was really little my dad collected so much Star Wars merchandise and seeing the Star Wars episodes over and over with him got me into the characters. But not until a couple of years ago I took that Star Wars environment and tried to create my own thing. My good friend named Joe, who is the owner of the site encourage me to try and do an experiment with photography and Star wars. So to make a long story short, I took my dad’s fx light sabers and pose with in them in different looks and costumes. Each fx light saber I posed with I made a different character in everyone of them. But not until I pose with the Darth Vader fx light saber did the character Darth Mistress was born. Those pictures really stood out to me and so many people that I was just inspire to make a storyline for this character I made up.

FFF: Do you prefer the dark side or good side of the force?

SB: I have to say the dark side indeed. I can relate more to the dark side than the good side of the force for so many different reasons.

FFF: You also dabble in art as you mention.

mistress_003SB: I do different creative things that you could consider “art.” I am a very detailed artist on drawing on paper as well as creating graphics on the computer with such things as adobe photo shop. Like you already see I am really into photography. And I like to write stories as well for fun and to express a certain feeling or character I want to show off in my words of writing. I don’t consider myself the so-called best in the world with these different skills, but I can say I put forth effort into creating things with these skills.

FFF: What do you see in your future?

SB: I really don’t know what my future holds. Me thinking of the future is more along the lines of thinking about what are my plans in the next week or so. I really would like to do different things as a professional as being a model to an actress or anything I could do and enjoy doing. But for these things I do they are hobbies until I can get a sign that makes them more than something I do on my spare time.

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