Katie Norris – Confessions of a Teenage Supergirl

Katie Norris is an actor/singer/ songwriter/photographer from the suburbs of Maryland. Her passions for performing began before she could even really remember. At 4, she was reinacting “Pirates of Penzance” in her living room and writing talk shows using puppets for the cast. At 8, she began teaching herself the piano because her family couldn’t quite afford lessons. Soon after she learned to play, she began writing.

Katie has always been very active competing in tap, jazz, gymnastics, ballet, figure skating, field hockey, lacrosse, horseback riding, and fencing – to name a few. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and a Minor in Music from Frostburg State University, Md; Katie worked at an agency helping people with disabilites for about 6 months to save some money to move to NYC where she always felt at home. Some complications threatened her stay in the city after only 4 months. Katie was left with the only option of moving back home. But she refused to return and give up, so she joined The Big Apple Circus instead. She worked on the crew and stayed for a whole tour saving all her money. At the end of the tour, she sold her car and took all the money she had saved and moved to Brooklyn.

Once back in the city, Katie wasted no time diving back into the business world of acting and music. A few short months later, she landed the role of Supergirl in “Confessions of a Teenage Supergirl”. She is now working on a new film with Dan Nastro and writer/actor, Bailey Varness. She just finished her first CD, a 5 song EP with original artwork that will be available May 2007. A few weeks ago, Katie appeared as Supergirl at the NYC comic-con for meet and greets.

FAN FILM PODCAST (through Christopher Moshier): You played Supergirl in the Fan Film “CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE SUPERGIRL.” How did you get the part of the girl of steel?

KATIE NORRIS: I had been going to auditions a lot and doing some extra work on the side. At one of the shoots, the producer of “Confessions…” merely saw me run across the room to get to my place on time. She came up to me after the shoot and told me about the project and said when she saw me run she just knew I would be perfect for the role. I had sent in my headshot/resume to director, Dan Nastro, a month before, but I never got a call. So producer, Barbara Gayle, set up an audition and I came in and went for it with everything I had. As soon as I found out about the audition, I did research and got back to the gym to look the part and make sure I knew the character inside and out.

The costume was the only part of the audition that made me a little nervous. But when I put it on it felt like I put on new skin and it transformed everything about me. My posture changed, I felt stronger, and it just felt right.

FFF: As I understand it you weren’t the first on considered for the role.

katienorris_003KN: Not only was I not first to be considered for the role, but there were actually about 7 other girls cast as Supergirl before me that just didn’t work out for different reasons.

FFF: How much did you know about the character from the time you got the part?

KN: I had always been a Superman fan, but I didn’t really know too much about Supergirl before I heard about the audition. So I went the the store and bought every Supergirl comic I could find and did research online and visited several fansites before I even went to the audition to make sure any question I would be asked would have a good answer.

FFF: As I understand it “Confessions” was put together as sort of a pilot in hopes for the mighty Warner Brothers to take notice. What reaction have you had if any from the WB, the fans, and/or internet buzz?

KN: We did create a whole series bible and episode guide for a season of “Confessions..” and me, Dan, and Gary went to L.A. this past summer to pitch it and promote the film at Comic-con in San Diego. Sadly, WB said no. The internet buzz however has given this film a life of its own. I was suprised when I saw that the film was being bootleged. Bootlegged!!! HOW COOL IS
THAT?? (smiles). I’m always flattered when I hear someone enjoyed the film so much they took the trouble of doing the work to bootleg it. THANK YOU! I not allowed to make any money off the film either way, so it doesn’t hurt me at all.

And the fans? I love you all!! I get at least 5 fan e-mails or letters a day. I take pure joy in dedicating about an hour of my day almost everday to answer every single letter I receive. Knowing that so many people enjoy the film makes all the hard work worth it. If you do want to write me though, please send e-mails to me on myspace page: www.myspace.com/katienorris or e-mail: katienorrisSUPERGIRL@hotmail.com.

FFF: I’m not sure if you are familiar with the TV Show Smallville, but the tone of the short seems to take that type approach to the character and her mythologies acknowledging not only the girl of steal, but equally her alter ego. In my observation of the film I found you did a good job of doing the opposite of the Clark Kent/Superman identity. As Clark Kent is a facade of Superman it seems to be the reverse as Linda is the actual character and Supergirl is the facade. Was this a conscience decision?

katienorris_005KN: That was definitely a concious decision. Reading all the comics I noticed that difference between the character of Linda and Clark Kent. Clark had adopted parents. Linda was raised in an orphanage. And Clark left Krypton when he was too young to remember anything. Linda had a life there until she was 12 (according to the silver age comics). So yes, her personality is definitely affected by these different factors. And Linda is a little self-concious and nervous when it comes to certain social situations. And yes, I love Smallville. When asked to describe the tone of our film to someone who hasn’t seen it, we always say – “it’s like a cross between Smallville and Buffy”.

FFF: Will there really be a sequel to Confessions of a Teenage Supergirl or
are both you and Mr. “Nastro” more excited to explore other projects?

KN: Currently, Dan Nastro and I are working on a new film by writer/actor, Bailey Varness called “…If it does not last”. It’s about a half an hour film that really lets me have a range and create an entirely new character. Cast with me are the 3 other great actors, Noah Varness, Bailey Varness, and Greg McCay. We’re all a team and we put a lot of work and effort into making this new film. You can check out the trailer on www.myspace.com/fubar_film. There are a lot of twists and turns in the plot, which all come together for a killer ending. I play Mary, a wife of a famous author. Mary is quite weak in the world she lives in. She never seems to get it right. Her husband has become a mystery and 2 other characters come in to play to mix everything up completely. The release is scheduled for early June.

Dan and I wanted to take a little break from the Supergirl films after the first one. We had such a low budget and trying to film a superhero movie with no budget for affects and all the great visuals that make those films so wonderful was really getting difficult. We needed a break. There is talk of a series of short films in the near future to continue the “Confessions…” story that would be available online. I can’t say much more at the moment, but it’s a really good idea that is in the works. Check in with www.myspace.com/teensupergirl for details in the future.

FFF: Can you touch upon your music career – what type of music do you perform?

KN: I just finished my first EP, “Little Secrets” which will be available late May 2007 for sale online. My first NYC show will be at the beginning of May, and then I will have a CD release party when the CD comes out around May 22nd. You can preview my music at www.myspace.com/katienorrismusic. I spend a lot of time on lyrics and I love the sound of the piano. But I also love to just rock out, so it’s a good mix of pop and soft rock that I’m pretty proud of.

FFF: What would be the ultimate roll you would want to play if you had the choice?

KN: My ultimate role would be the lead in a big budget blockbuster superhero movie. I love the whole concept of secret identities in film. It’s been done a hundred times yet I can’t ever get enough. And having superpowers for the day never gets old. My dream film? A film with a well thought out plot, great dialogue, and an amazing cast, and a creative, compassionate director would be the best of all worlds. To play opposite of me my first choice would be none other than Topher Grace (originally from “That 70’s Show”). I like his style of acting. And I think we would be able to work off each other really well.

FFF: Anything else you would like to share you think our readers at the BIN would be interested in?

katienorris_004KN: Currently, I’m working on “…If it does not last”, putting the finishing touches on my album, teaching myself Japanese, rehearsing for little gigs here and there, and doing my taxes. So no other film in the immediate future. But I know I’m gonna start getting antsy when “…if it does not last” wraps, so don’t worry, I’ve always got my eye out for my next project.

I plan to appear as Supergirl at as many comic venues in NYC as I can. So if you’re in the area, be sure to check the “Confessions…” myspace page for announcements. I love meeting new people, especially Supergirl fans. And please be sure to check out my music page as well. I’m really excited about my concerts in May and I can’t wait to finalize the album.

Thank you so much FOLLIES for inviting me! It’s been a great pleasure. And Good luck with your taxes everyone!!!

FFF: What do you see in your future?

SB: I really don’t know what my future holds. Me thinking of the future is more along the lines of thinking about what are my plans in the next week or so. I really would like to do different things as a professional as being a model to an actress or anything I could do and enjoy doing. But for these things I do they are hobbies until I can get a sign that makes them more than something I do on my spare time.

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