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Doomwatch is a classic British sci-fi series which I sadly have never had a chance to watch. Fan Film Follies editor Christopher Moshier emailed me asking if I could look into this after a fan produced video appeared on YouTube titled “The Plastic Rain Trailer”. I soon remembered that I had come across before thanks to Botcherby’s Doctor Who fan audio series review site.

On their behalf I had posted a ‘help wanted’ advertisement asking for assistance. The short version is that I had offered to do an audio reading for them but due to my personal life I keep pushing that back. To Scott and his team working hard on the fan produced Doomwatch, I apologize and I do hope this interview will help in getting some new listeners for you.

You see as I stated earlier, I had never watched a episode of Doomwatch so I emailed Scott some questions in the hope he could help make it clearer for me. To my delight he agreed and even managed to get Grant Foxon, the co-creator, to answer some questions as well. I do hope you enjoy this.

FAN FILM FOLLIES (through Lee James Sands): How did you become a Doomwatch fan?

GRANT FOXON: I had first heard of Doomwatch as a kid who collected Doctor Who videos. Inside the video covers they would advertise other titles. The enigmatic cover of The Plastic Eaters/Tomorrow the Rat always caught my attention. When I finally watched the video many years later after a friend leant it to me I was hooked. I wanted more info on the series which is how I discovered Scott, who was running the excellent

SCOTT BURDITT: I watched a VHS of the first two episodes with a friend about 7 years ago and loved them. It took me years to gather enough info together to build a website as I couldn’t believe how little info on the series was available online.

FFF: What inspired you to want to create your own Doomwatch series?

GF: I wrote a retro story which Scott liked called “The Inheritors” which was about nano-technology. Scott liked it and asked me if I was interested in assisting create a new batch of stories. I thought it was a great idea and we haven’t stopped since.

SB: A short story submitted to the site from Grant Foxon featuring Doctor Ridge started off a friendship which created the new team.

FFF: How many episodes have you planned?

GF: I don’t think we have a limit. Whilst there’s ideas we run with it. Although we try to end our seasons on a good cliff hanger.

SB: Roughly 24 per Season but it’s pretty loose.

FFF: Do you plan on making further seasons?

GF: We’re currently working through it (it’s called Season 2).

SB: Yes, it’s underway at the moment. It’s been re-branded as Season 2, as has Season 4 as it was confusing for new fans to start on Season 4, even though it is meant as a continuation of the original series! lol

FFF: Most of your productions are audio book based. Do you plan on doing a radio play or a full fan film?

GF: We’re currently working on audio scripts and have shot some limited film footage which is now serves as a trailer for our first season of stories.

SB: There was lofty plans to do a film but as it deals with requiring a lot of help and support for no money it’s hard to get enough people together in one place to do it. A script was written but only a short segment has been filmed which is available on YouTube.

FFF: What advice would you give to someone attempting to make their own fan production?

GF: Go for it. If it’s a labor of love then all you can do is have fun and meet like minded people.

SB: Patience is a virtue. It’s also surprisingly hard work! Always map out a character and Season plan before you start as it’s much harder to graft one in…


I’d like to thank both Scott and Grant for their time. Scott has taken the time to set up a campaign to get Doomwatch released on DVD. Please be sure to check them out if you’re interested.

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