LOGAN – Making of a Fan Film Part 1 – Introduction

In trying to do something different in spotlighting fan films I thought I would take one of these films – following it from concept to completion. LOGAN will be that experiment. We’ll start the experiment off by meeting the two master minds behind the project, learn about the cast, and a bit about the story.

Logan is an ambitious project by filmmaker Cadaver Jack (he insists that is his name) and writer Joshua Duke (he also plays Logan). Their aim is to take Logan out of the action-genre-exclusive world and transplant him into a drama. So most of you are familiar with Logan the hero, or Logan the anti-hero; Logan the renegade, Logan the animal, Logan the X-Man…Jack and Joshua are going to show you Logan the man.

FAN FILM FOLLIES (through Christopher Moshier): How about we start we an introduction…a little background and both of you leading up to LOGAN…start in alphabetcial order per first name.

CADAVER JACK: I’ve been into video production and filmmaking since I was little. But Josh and I were just friends, with no initial intention of doing a film together. We both used to live in New York, and he moved back to Texas where he was born and raised, and after about a year I came down to room with him. The idea of doing this film came up kind of randomly. He has the comic background and I’m the filmmaker and it just clicked. The project has since blown up beyond the little fan film idea we started with.

JOSHUA DUKE: I wrote a story for creative writing class, which is the story this film is based on. Well, I was being myself and decided to grow a beard. And one night Jack was playing with a crappy camera while I went and trimed it to Wolvie Chops…and he looked at me through the camera and said, “I don’t know what it is about this camera, but it makes you look like wolverine!” And ever since I was three I was a Wolverine Fan, hardcore style. I mean you want to know something about Wolvie, ask, I can probably tell you. And we finally decided to dig up my old assignment and turn it into a screenplay.

CJ: He’s a self-proclaimed authority on the character. And I’ll back that

FFF: Now recently you guys are trying to change Wolvies look and I was one of your critics, but your points are valid as this is your vision. You wanted to get away from the Hugh Jackman look I take it?

JD: Yeah, The Jackman look is great, do not get me wrong. And the third movie he finally got to redeem from the first two movies.

FFF: As far as being a BAD ASS?

JD: OH Yeah!

CJ: But we figured all along why do the same thing as every other Wolverine film, fan-made or Hollywood?

JD: And the look we based off of a New game coming out, believe it or not. Well, the hairstyle at least.

FFF: OK! So you both got together and decided to make a “WOLVIE” movie, but with the rest of the “X” cast. Can you clue us in a bit on the plot? What inflouences are you drawing from via comics, TV, movies?

JD: Mainly all the different comics. We thought, “If these were real people…what would they be like?”

CJ: That’s half the premise right there.

JD: We’re taking elements from all the comics – Classic and Ultimate and combining them. With an Original Story, without giving too much away, I can tell you this – it’s after Logan was the Horseman of Death. And Scott (Cyclops) was presumed dead. Now, not many know this but the original story marvel was supposed to do, was going to have Scott dead for about three years. The whole time he’s gone, Logan Comforts Jean, and they become Close, very close. Logan Even proposes…and the next morning after Logan Proposes to Jean and she accepted, Scott shows back up. And Scott and Jean pretty much take up where they left off, as though what Jean and Logan had didn’t happen…we’re taking the story and showing how Wolverine deals with that, what kind of a man he is, and what he does. This isn’t your average Fan-Film…and it isn’t an action film. I mean, we will have action, but that isn’t the point.

logan_004FFF: So it will be unlike say Dan Poole’s Wolerine film or Corey Sosner’s First Round with the Punisher vs. Wolverine. You aren’t just going to make a ten minute fight, but do some character dynamics.

JD: Exactly. We’re going to have a Movie that is about two hours long, and Very deep. I mean, the entire CAST after doing our first read through with the script was in tears. That’s how deep this movie is.

CJ: In the midst of this plotline, that was skipped over in the comics, the story we’ve created is very character driven and deep. Something the comics have always had, but in films, especially fan-made you just don’t usually get. That’s what we’re doing different.

JD: I think, the difference between most Fan-Films, and ours, is the fact that there is so much connection and bond between the cast members, we’re not just some people wanting to do this…it has become a need. We’ve become family. Plus Jack and I work from home, and fund it ourselves, we put no burden on our cast whatsoever financially.

CJ: It’s a labor of love, so to speak. But, I can’t say we aren’t hoping it launches us somehwere. We’d love to be able to keep doing this.

FFF: Shall we talk about the cast?

JD: I think I like talking about the cast.

FFF: How about we just start with Josh as Wolverine?

JD: I’ll go out on a limb and say I’m a bit crazy. I never had a Dad, and the thing that was there for me was Wolverine. I identify with him, I know him inside and out. I took him as a father figure, even though he is fictional. But to me, he’s more than a character on paper.

CJ: Like I said, Josh is a self-proclaimed authority on Wolverine. He knows the character so well that I cannot tell who he is anymore when he portrays him. To be honest, no offense, for all I know Josh may be a terrible actor otherwise. But he’s so connected to this Logan character that I honestly defy anyone to top him in the role.

FFF: Amy Rene plays Shannon. I never heard of the character Shannon, but again I am 80’s/90’s X-Men trained. Is this a charatcer in the comics or created just for the film?

Cadavar Jack with his cast (from left to right) - Amy Rene, Juliana Abott, Joshua Duke, Jeff Kern, & Erica Buckland

JD: The character Shannon is actually based on a person I knew. She was a stripper/prostitute in New York when I lived there, very very close friend. She looked like an innocent Shannon Dougherty and she and I became so close, I became her personal bodygaurd at the club. I wanted to put a resemblance of her in this movie.

CJ: It was almost an homage at first, but as we wrote the character she evolved and became quite important to the plot of this film.

FFF: A typical tragic X-Men character..not typical, but you know…the X-Men are tragic in their own right.

JD: Exactly.

FFF: What powers does she have or do we have to wait?

JD: Actually she has none. She is a ‘normal’ person…other that, you will have to wait.

FFF: Jeff Kern (Professor Charles Xavier) – Will he shave that Goatee?

CJ: Yes.

JD: Yes, yes he already has.

FFF: Good man.

JD: And trust me, he will FLOOR you when you see his performance. Let me say this – when I was a child – three and four – before even seeing the X-Men cartoon, I invisioned these characters voices in my head and our cast, I swear, is what I heard in my head as a child, including Xavier, Especially Jean, and Rogue.

logan_005CJ: Jeff brings alot to the table, in many ways. Upon seeing the finished movie you’ll quickly learn just how much. As a matter of fact all of our cast contribute their whole selves to their roles. This project is much more than a movie to us all.

FFF: Is there a Magneto presence for him to play off of?

JD: Not in this movie, I will say that. This movie focuses on Wolverine and Jean – their relationship, scott coming back, how Logan deals with that…what he does, who he is. That is what this movie is about.

CJ: It’s almost a bio-pic.

JD: Almost.

CJ: Not quite. I use that loosely.

FFF: Speaking of Jean…Juliana Abott.

JD: Oh Jewels. From the moment I saw her, I knew she was Jean.

CJ: She was the only cast member we decided immediately on and threw out all other prospects.

JD: She and I have this Chemestry that can’t be described honestly. And it helps with the roles so well, that when you see it on screen, you will forget we are actors, and believe we are the characters.

FFF: She is very young…like 19 if I remember correctly.

JD: Yes she is, but I am only 21, yet I play the oldest character. Infact, I am one of the youngest in the cast. Infact, I am one of the youngest in the cast.

CJ: I’m directing and I’m 20. But we don’t feel the age differences.

JD: Actually, trivia time! Shireen, our Jubilee is actually 22. Believe it or not.

CJ: Playing of course the youngest in the film.

FFF: How about some details on Jubes and who plays here?

JD: When we first met her, I wasn’t sure, but her voice sold me.

CJ: Her name is Shireen, and she IS Jubilee.

JD: I mean, she might not have (STRESS HAVE) looked the role when we met her. She played dress up one day, and I swear, she IS Jubilee.

CJ: She’s actually older, and she’s of a different nationality, but I don’t think anyone will complain when they witness her as the character.

FFF: The Kinpin was black in the Daredevil movie. Sometimes it doesn’t matter.

CJ: True enough. Who’s going to turn down Michael Clark Duncan? He was fantastic.

JD: Most people do NOT like Jubilee, I know this. Me personally, I love Jubilee. Because, that is Logan’s Daughter, he even was supposed to go as far as legally adopting her.

FFF: REALLY! In the comics.

JD: I did not know that.

CJ: Neither did I.

JD: Yeah – like I said, when It comes to Wolvie and his life, ask me anything. I will tell you.

CJ: Josh has been introducing me to the comic world. I’m learning as I go along. My roots are in horror. But I’m becoming a huge comic nerd since starting this.

FFF: So Jubilee plays a big part in the movie.

JD: She plays a Big part, not much screen time, but HUGE part to the movie. Infact, a pinnacle part.

FFF: Should we move to Erica Buckland? Rogue?

JD: My baby Sister! Sorry, had to burst that out.

CJ: We forget her name is Erica sometimes. Her nickname is actually Rogue.

JD: She and I have became very close, we’re not blood related, but we might as well be. Just like Rogue and Wolvie, who are like brother and sister in the comics.

CJ: She’s one of our cast members who has that special connection to the character they play, like Josh does Logan. We’re all uncommonly tightknit, this cast.

JD: And it’s amazing.

logan_006_001FFF: Beyond the character of Scott – as I understand you needed to recast – are there any other characters in the film…you seem to have them all.

CJ: A few characters will show up that aren’t key to the plot as well. I’d keep an eye out for cameos.

JD: We have all our cast, and actually we have casted Cyclops. Who, by the way is moving in with us tonight, that’s how dedicated he has become to this movie.

FFF: Cool…do we get an exclusive on that?

JD: Roy Schultz, who plays Cyclops, has went as far as offering to quit his job just for this movie.

FFF: How long do you think this is going take to be filmed? What dates are you shooting for?

CJ: We’re in the late stages of pre-production, looking to start shooting towards the end of fall. It should be a couple months to can 90% of the film, and then we leave for Canada to do some road scenes. The film should be done in about half a year I’d say, depending on post. It’s going to be an adventure.

FFF: Are you anticipating a lot of special effects?

CJ: It’s not effects heavy, but we do want those you’ll see to be flawless. The action you do see is intense though.

JD: I just remembered! We didn’t speak about one cast member. Brian, our Sabretooth. Brian is 6’9″ tall. And is a very good guy. We fell into Brian.

FFF: That’s a tall dude.

JD: Just like Sabretooth.

CJ: But Sabretooth is vicious in this.

JD: And yes, our Sabretooth, is as Vicious as he has ever been in the comics. Brian is Youth Minister at the United Methodist Church here locally. And he plays the most sadistic, murderous Villian in wolverine’s life.

FFF: Anything you would lik to add this time out before we part?

JD: I’d like to say, watch out, because this will be like NOTHING anyone has ever seen in the Fan-film world. Because whatever you expect, it isn’t that and what you think you know, honestly, this will suprise you.

CJ: This is a first. A definate first.

JD: And, you will feel so connected with this character, during the movie, I hope, you will feel what he feels, emotionally at least.

CJ: You should. If we’ve done our job, you should.

JD: One bit of Trivia I meant to say earlier in response to Jack. I may or may not be a good actor outside of Logan, but you know…I am a Professional Magician…so I can put an Illusion up of being a good actor if I must.

FFF: You’ll be pulling a Wolverine out of your hat.

CJ: Kid’s ask their mom why Wolverine is doing magic tricks.

JD: I get that alot, kids come up to me in the malls and what not, wanting pictures and autographs thinking i’m wolverine. It feels good, y’know?

FFF: Very cool gentlemen…I am very excited to see this completed.


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