Viva Spider-Man 1989

Finding a new classic Fan Film is always a special treat when running the Fan Film Follies. These productions were created in the day before there was even a name for this very niche genre.

The short is a live action version of the classic Spider-Man cartoon from the 1960’s created by Jim Kreig, who would go on to be a staff writer for Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

In his own words from an interview conducted by



“I grew up on the 1967 Gantray-Lawrence Spider-Man cartoon, which I loved beyond all reason. I particularly responded to the underfunded Ralph Bakshi seasons, where the stories were padded to a half hour with infinitely repeated images of Spidey swinging across a green and purple skied Manhattan while acid-tinged, guitar-heavy jazz played for what seemed like hours on end. To me the show was less about Spider-Man’s adventures and more about his commute. And I couldn’t get enough of it.

Many years later, while I was a film student at NYU, I attempted to excise those still repeating web-swinging montages from my mind’s eye by re-creating them for my senior project, a 16mm film I called Viva Spider-Man! This project ended up on the desk of Sid Iwanter at Fox Kids while I was in my second year of graduate studies at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles (and, yes, I did spend most of my twenties in film school). He intuitively knew an obsessed fan when he saw one and promptly introduced me to John Semper, producer, story editor and mentor.”

And the rest is history as they say. So enjoy this awesome classic.

  • tim

    Fun flick, some very interesting visual effects, some I don’t know how they were accomplished, and on film no less. Captures the feeling of the cartoon very nicely. Very nice job overall.

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