TPZ – TMZ for the Star Wars Universe


Is Luke Skywalker related to Princess Leia Organa?
 Who’d win in a fight – Clone Troopers or Stormtroopers?

Is Anakin’s last name really Starkiller?
 And, why does Darth Vader hate Tusken Raiders?

 Find out this week on TPZ!


Reason #1: Extreme jealousy when your friend wins an award at Comicon’s Star Wars Fan Film Awards.

Reason #2: This idea hasn’t been done yet.

Above all, TPZ has to be understood by a mass audience. Though there are references that the ordinary viewer might not fully understand, they can still follow along since tabloid news stories are everywhere you look from TV, the Internet and staring you in the face at the checkout at your local super market. But keeping the uber-fans in mind, TPZ does give a wink and a nod to those with plenty of inside jokes (especially if you’re well-versed in the infamous Holiday Special and vintage Kenner action figures).


After a few weeks of honing concepts, writer/director Richard Woloski, was faced with a bantha-sized hurdle: casting. TPZ needed a George Lucas look-a-like to take on the Harvey Levin role. After numerous submissions there still was no one that came close. Many of them looked too much like Kenny Rogers or Colonel Sanders. With just a few days before the shoot-date, Scott Allen came through the door.

Scott had a good look. With enough gray added to his hair and beard and with the right flannel shirt he could become The Maker himself. Another bonus: He is one of the best Darth Vaders in the Southern California Garrison of the 501st. Scott also had a great location he let us use for the newsroom set. Scott, you’re in!

Another major score was getting Dee Bradley Baker. He happily supplied the voice of Captain Rex just like he did in the Star Wars animated series – The Clone Wars.

TPZ scored again when FX artist Roy Unger (2nd unit director of photography on Titanic) lent his talents by animating the newsroom camera droid (designed by Patrick Rodriguez who worked on Star Wars: Detours) and various other ships, shuttles and photo-bombing droids that would make TPZ come alive.

After 3 loooooong years (mostly in post production) Richard and editor Mark Oguschewitz put the final touches on TPZ. The Force is now strong with those pestering paparazzi.

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