The Question: What Can One Man Do?

The long awaited transition to the silver screen is finally here! Two Utah based film studios, Seaich Films and Metachron Imaging, have pooled their talents to breathe new life into DC Comics legend, Vic Sage. “The Question: What Can One Man Do?” is a twenty minute short Action/Drama film that returns audiences to the roots of the popular franchise and re-introduces Vic Sage as a as a highly outspoken and aggressive investigative journalist who masks as a mysterious vigilante in order to seek out political injustice in Hub City.

“The Question: What can one man do?” is a fan produced film. “Vic Sage”, “The Question”, “Hub City” and all associated characters were created by Steve Ditko and are intellectual property of DC Comics. Seaich Films, Metachron Imaging and Innovative Entertainment Unlimited do not own the rights to these titles.


  • Douglas

    It’s about time we got a good Question fan film! Any chance you’ll be doing a feature length version?

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