The Gray Ghost: The Lost Reel

Heart-Beat Productions presents a short film Directed by J.L. Topkis and Written by Matt Landsman. Based on the classic 1992 episode of Batman: The Animated Series, ‘Beware, The Gray Ghost,’ the film chronicles the live-action adventures of The Gray Ghost aka Simon Trent. In the animated series, Trent (voiced by Adam West) is depicted as a down-on-his-luck actor who was typecast for life playing a masked avenger on a black-and-white serialized TV show.

In the classic episode, Batman was searching for a lost reel the TV show in order to solve a copycat crime. Our film presents The Gray Ghost as an actual television show that Bruce Wayne would have watched as a child.

Starring Forrest Lancaster as The Gray Ghost/Simon Trent and Zhenya Kechina as Veronica Vreeland. Bruce Wayne is played by Bryson Pitts, with Darren Gann as Joe Chill!

  • Cap. Márvel


  • Blue ant

    this is awEsOme, I hope they make another.

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