Superman: The Golden Child Trailer

Yet another Superman fan film is headed online. There have been a couple super-productions released earlier this year so it will be interesting to see how this one stacks up. They certainly have a Superman that actually has muscle mass. I would give that a giant thumbs up!

Superman: The Golden Child is an ambitious SHORT Superman fan film, written, directed, and produced by Andrew List. The film is going to be set in present day; it will feature many familiar elements that stay true to the legend. Lex Luthor puts a plan into action that turns the people of Metropolis against Superman. What will happen when Luthor is in power and the man of steel is nowhere in sight?

You can link on over to their website and make sure you view the trailer below.

  • art rhetoric

    This actor is built! Wise choice for Superman. Nice CGI.
    This looks interesting, will look forward to their fan film.

  • tim smyth

    I saw this film, and if anyone is interested you can find it on you tube at

    Just quickly, I would love to see someone make a Superman film without using John Williams score from the 78 film, and not use the 78 film as the basis of their universe. Hasn’t anyone seen the Kirk Allen version, maybe the fan filmmakers should watch that fist and see some really fun Superman action.

    Not that anyone is asking me, but I thought he opening credits were too long, and the closing credits, which went on for 5 minutes, for folks we don’t know were way too long. This is a common problem I see in amateur films, usually someone’s first try.

    The actor who portrayed Clark was pretty good, although the beard effect was less than satisfactory, the rest of the acting not so much. While the story idea is pretty good, the script needed another pass. I thought the film was too long for not enough story, trying to be too dramatic with not enough going on. Pretty good effects on the effects front, except they steal a few shots from the 78 film, so I have to deduct a few points there, I mean if we wanted to see the real Superman movies, we wouldn’t be watching fan films.

    Overall it was pretty good, a little long, I’m glad I saw it, and the filmmakers deserve credit for making the film.

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