Star Wars: Smuggler’s Run

Star Wars Smuggler’s Run is a twenty-two minute fan film, that has been filmed on location at the original sets in Tunisia, as well as Turkey, Hong Kong, Germany and the UK. The story is set between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.


Star Wars Smuggler’s Run tells the story of an ancient holocron found at the Lars Homestead by Jawas. The small device contains information that could change the entire fate of the galaxy! The holocron is sought by both the Rebel Alliance and the Imperial Empire but smuggler’s have it. Familar faces are featured including Darth Vader, the Emperor, Garindan, Boba Fett, a group of stormtroopers and jawas. New characters are introduced including rodian and human smuggler’s, imperial agents and a very powerful female Twi-Lek Garassa.

The History

Director Oliver Thompson has written an original story set within the Star Wars Universe.

They used guerilla filmmaking techniques to make this movie and edited (did the SPFX) the project on a single Mac Book Pro.

The film began production in June 2012 and was released in August 2013.

Star Wars Smuggler’s Run was made over 14 months, it was filmed in six countries with a cast and crew from all over the world.

The project was filmed with a Scarlet (provided by Marc Oberdorfer of Young Indie Films) and a Sony A77 camera.

The whole project was completed within a budget of just 10,000 USD and could not have been made with out the passion and support of the whole Smuggler’s Run team!

We have really enjoyed making this fan film and we hope all Star Wars fans love what we have produced.

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Star Wars is the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. and Disney.
The Star Wars theme song was created by John Williams.


Writer, Director, Producer, Oliver Thompson
Executive Producer, Nicola Culican
Associate Producer Gary Gibbons
Associate Producer Marc Oberdorfer

Smuggler’s Run Music Composed by Gary Gibbons at

ADR and dubbing recorded at Red Angel Studios
ADR Director Russell Wait
Sound Design Phil Bagshaw
Mixed by Gary Gibbons and Phil Bagshaw

Filmed by Marc Oberdorfer, Oliver Thompson, John Curran


Warren Laker, Rodney Wong, Kim Haslam, James Gitsham, Russell Wait, Bowman Quock, Nicole Russo, Oliver Thompson, Nicola Culican, Tsang Yu Hong, Billy Wong, Nick Dearman, Paul Ducommun-Dit-Veron, Arthur Wu, Juno Wong, Hamish Campbell, Eve Messervy, Felix Messervy, Mahluf Sehoode, Lui Ka Ho, Au Wai Kin, Edmund Tong, Hoi Kwan Yu, Oliver Lun, Carmen Chang, Marc Obderdorfer, Ken Wong, Chris Chan, Dolly Lam, Alfon Lam, Corn Kit, Hannah Thompson, Robert Goddard, Mark Thompson, Mahmed Nefte.

Star Wars Smuggler’s Run has been made with the support of…

Star Wars SAR HK and Macau Fan Club
Rebel Legion (Hong Kong)
501st Legion Macau Outpost

Project X1
Norwich Star Wars Club
R2-D2 Builders Club

Deploy Media
Young Indie Films
Enoteca (Quarry Bay) Hong Kong

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