Star Wars: ‘Broken Allegiance’

This week, Fan Film Friday takes a look at another independent production that’s considered a classic, even though it was produced “a long time ago” in a place “far, far away”–during 2002 in Australia.

“Broken Allegiance” takes place between the original Star Wars movie (now called A New Hope) and the following film, The Empire Strikes Back.

Ordered by the Emperor to find the pilot responsible for the destruction of the Death Star, Darth Vader (portrayed by Chris Brennan and given voice by Ben Fletcher) trains two apprentices, Ruan (Paul Hooper) and Calis (Niobe Dean).

However, after a year immersed in the Dark Side, the apprentices steal a transport and try to escape from the planet Coruscant and Vader, as well as gain their freedom from the tyranny of the Empire.

Due to some fancy flying, the pair elude several Tie fighters but is then confronted by the Superstar Destroyer Executor.

Meanwhile, Vader contacts Admiral Derodd Okins (Randall Berger) and tells him he wants the apprentices captured by the time he arrives on the huge starship.

By then, the stolen transport has taken a pounding from attacks by the Executor, which catches the vessel in a tractor beam.

In a desperate move to prevent capture, the apprentices fire two proton torpedoes that destroy the tractor beam generator. As a result, the transport is free to jump into hyperspace.

Moments later, Vader walks onto the ship’s bridge and asks the admiral where the apprentices are being held.

The admiral responds: “The fugitives managed to escape to light speed after destroying our trac–.”

“Failure is not an option,” the villain states before using the Force to crush Okins’ throat as he collapses to the floor.

Vader then turns to Captain Galen Hannard (Ian Lingard), who fortunately for him, has good news.

“We’ve done a heading extrapolation of their hyperdrive trail,” he says. “For the damage they’ve sustained, they couldn’t have jumped more than once. Should I plot an intercept course?”

“Not at this time,” Darth Vader replies. “Contact the bounty hunters guild. I want Korbain Thor” (Hadrian Jonathan).

Moments later, Vader and the captain speak to a holographic image of the bounty hunter, and the Sith Lord explains the situation to the villain.

“Two apprentices,” Thor says in a raspy voice. “My costs will be significant.”

“Credits are of no concern to me, bounty hunter,” the Sith Lord responds. “Bring them back alive if they come willingly. If they resist, terminate them!”

Meanwhile, aboard the stolen and damaged vessel, Ruan tells Calis that they’re within range of a suitable planet and that their sublight engines should take them there.

Calis states that she knows “Vader is out there somewhere, planning to hunt us down. You know he won’t stop until we’re dead.”

“I can feel the tremors in the Force: Vader’s anger over our escape,” Ruan replies. “But perhaps his obsession over Skywalker will be enough to distract him.”

“Skywalker,” the female repeats before stating: “He’s just a boy. He means nothing.”

“He managed to destroy the Death Star,” Ruan responds. “Vader was lucky to escape execution at the hands of the Emperor’s men, so now it’s personal.”

“You know,” she states, “the only good thing to come out of all of this was meeting you.”

As the mood of the two fugitives becomes amorous, a sound from the control panel goes off, indicating that another ship has entered the area, the vessel used by Korbain Thor.

“There is no escape,” the bounty hunter tells the fugitives before he fires on the transport, forcing them to enter the escape pod and head toward the planet below—with Thor right behind them.

Once on the surface, the apprentices treat each other’s wounds before the bounty hunter can find them. Ruan says they need to get away. “In your condition, I’d rather not face anyone,” he tells Calis.

Before the fugitives can reach a nearby settlement, Thor catches up with them and states: “You think you can run forever? Vader doesn’t take betrayal lightly. He wants you dead.”

“What makes you think you can take us out?” Calis asks. In response, Thor removes his helm to reveal several scars from severe injuries he’s accumulated over the years.

The trio then engages in battle with their light sabers until Thor injures the female fugitive, That causes her partner to unleash lightning-like blasts that bring the bounty hunter down. The men continue to fight until it looks as if Thor is about to deliver a death blow to Ruan.

But before he can kill the apprentice, Caris comes up from behind and executes a fatal thrust to his side..

“No bounty for you,” Calis says as Thor collapses to the ground.

However, the duo have little time to enjoy their victory as they see a Superstar Destroyer in the sky above.

“Now we’re in trouble?” she asks.

“Maybe not,” he responds.

Spoiler Alert: If you’d rather watch the fan film’s ending yourself, skip down to the link at the end of this article. If not, just continue reading.

When a landing party arrives at the scene, it appears that Thor has captured Calis, but he said he had to kill the male apprentice. “I trust you’ve brought my money,” he states in a raspy voice.

But before the payment is made, Lieutenant Detaan (Paul Bugeja) asks Thor to take off his helmet and show him his face.

When the helmet is removed, it’s clearly Ruan, but Detaan has never seen the face of Thor or the fugitive.

“Finally, to see the legendary Korbain Thor face to face,” the lieutenant says.

Then the female apprentice is handed over to the officers and Storm Troopers.

“I hear Vader has special plans for you,” the officer gloats.

“And we have plans for you,” she says before slipping out of her handcuffs. In a quick battle, the fugitives take out the rest of the landing party, but Ruan says it’s time to put the officer to good use.

The communication officer (David Newell) on the Executor receives a message from Detaan, who states that the fugitives have been caught, and the bounty hunter has been paid.

Before long, both the Imperial shuttle and Thor’s spacecraft leave the planet’s surface. When the shuttle arrives on the Executor, Darth Vader finds only the bound lieutenant aboard.

Of course, the apprentices are now using Thor’s ship, and they finally get away from Vader and the Empire.

“I think we’re gonna be OK,” Caris says.

“All of us,” Ruan says as he puts his hand on his female companion’s midsection, indicating that her “condition” is that she’s pregnant with his child.

The couple then enjoy an intimate kiss before jumping to hyperspace and freedom.

And with that, I don my Clint Eastwood hat and get reviewing.

The Good: This production has held up very well since its debut a decade ago. It has everything from space battles to clever plot twists, so you know I enjoyed watching it. Like many other Star Wars projects, it fleshes out events that take place between two of the movies, and in that way adds to the legend of George Lucas’s epic adventure.

The Bad: You know, they say that the second thing to go when a person gets older is his or her memory, and I can’t remember what the first thing is. I watched the entire episode and never once in the first time around did I guess from the obvious clues that Calis was preggers. I guess I’m just enjoying myself too much to play detective.

The Ugly: Sometimes it takes a while for me to locate classic independent productions from many times and many places on my own. If you know of a terrific fan film you’d like me to review, put it in the comment section and I’ll look it over!

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