Robocop Fan Teaser

This is a not for profit production made by students at the Noroff film academy in Oslo, Norway.

Synopsis: Robocop and a female police partner are on a mission in a dark, creepy alley and they are on track for someone…or something The director Espen Hansen bought a Robocop replica suit online many years ago, and the dream was always to make a Robocop fan film with it. When he later enrolled in film school and met like minded people they together set out to shoot this Robocop scene. With its short run time it has the feel and shape of a teaser trailer but we still chose to label it a Fan Film. The team spent two months in pre-production but only two days in actual production. One day interior and one exterior. The cinematographer of the original 1987 Robcop, Jost Vacano, stated in an interview that they viewed Robocop as a product of the city. So for this fan film we built further on that idea by lighting the suit from more than one angle in order to create the shiny-surface-look seen in car commercials. A metaphorical nod to Murphy’s hometown of Detroit, the once production hub for General Motors and many other great American cars. As per now we have no immediate plans to make any more Robocop adventures.

The student film team is currently in the works on a new short about Dr. Johansen, a love letter to “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” and the Indiana Jones phenomenon.

  • 2150dalek

    ahh, the possibilities. I would donate to such a Fan film. Great job.

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