Riveting New Spider-Man Fan Film to be Shown at Tidewater Comic Con in 2016

Professional producer Russ Fulmore and the stellar production duo The Barnes Brothers has teamed up with Joshua Williams, a seasoned director, to produce Spider-Man: Superior Crisis, which will be screened at Tidewater Comic Con this coming May in 2016.

The film is currently in early development and a Kickstarter page has been created to help the all star production team collect the necessary funds needed to produce what is expected to be one of the greatest fan films ever made. Predating the fan film is a short trailer that was screened at Tidewater Comic Con in 2015 and has since received over 160k views on YouTube, and numerous fans are begging for a film. Any amount can be donated, and there are special perks that come with any size donation. The production team also promises to be extremely transparent, so that donors will be in the know about where their money is going.

The film centers around Miles Morales, who lost his mother and has difficulty connecting with his father. In the film, Miles Morales, scarred by the loss of his mother, abandons being Spider-Man because he feels the world has abandoned him, leaving him with nothing but a muddy view of who he is and what he’s worth. With the town devolving into a likeness of Gotham City, and a new murderous vigilante on the scene claiming to be the real Spider Man, Miles Morales is on trial with the public. Donning the mask, Miles wages a war on two fronts, battling both the vigilante and his demons.

The film’s message will be that everyone, even heroes, has a crisis of identity, but it is in that crisis that people find who they are and how important they are to the world. The script boasts a sophisticated storyline that combines heart pounding action and thoughtful philosophy for a state of the art, action-packed experience that will satiate the appetite of any movie watcher.

Russ Fulmore has extensive experience in production and was executive producer for several episodes of Precinct 757, a TV series centered around a Police Department in Virginia Beach. He was also the producer of the Precinct 757 Reunion TV movie and has produced 9 short films. The Barnes Brothers have produced multiple short films, and produced the best thriller movie that was entered at the Blimey Cow 2012 film festival. Joshua Williams is a rising director who has demonstrated his abilities through directing the Concept Trailer which started the whole conversation.

Marvel’s own Brian Michael Bendis, the creator of the Miles Morales Spider-Man, saw the trailer and expressed that he loved it. The film can be found on Facebook titled: Ultimate Spider-Man: Superior Crisis, and on Twitter @SuperiorCrisis.


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