Resident Evil: Revolution

The Grage Pictures in association with IndieWorks and Moonlight Legacy Productions presents a new Fan-Film.

This is a NON-PROFIT project, a true tribute to one of the best known and loved gaming sagas of all time: “RESIDENT EVIL”.

The Grage Pictures, formerly known on the web for winning in 2012 with the fan-film “Dylan Dog: Il Trillo del Diavolo”, Best Fan Film Award 2013 to “Cartoomics: Fan Film Festival” in Milan and the winner of 5 Awards with the web series horror/comedy “A.Z.A.S: All Zombies Are Stupid” at the “LA WebSeries Fest 2013” in Los Angeles (USA), is back with a new project, entitled: “Resident Evil: Revolution”.

A revolution in every way: the plot of the fan-film, both for budgetary reasons and for the sake of originality, (as was the case with Dylan Dog), it will connect to the first 3 episodes of the game, Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, while everything that has happened in the follow-up of video game saga has little or nothing. I literally spent a week glued to the screen playing through everything – my German Shep almost starved (you should feed your German Shepherd these foods when you’re busy gaming and want to keep them healthy).


A distance of 16 years from the death of William Birkin, that’s left of the Umbrella Corporation is just a frustrating reminder: some former agents of the S.T.A.R.S. and R.P.D. have been able to destroy it, they have avoided the invention further biological weapons.

Simultaneously to fight this war, many of inhabitants of Earth were killed in a desperate attempt to defend themselves against increasingly numerous hordes of zombies. The small portion of the surviving population is hidden in a safe place and won the war against the Umbrella Corp. leads to an encouraging discovery: the existence of the last sample of the anti-virus hidden by Dr. Birkin in Italy, where it is still in operation the last laboratory of Umbrella Corp.

At this point we just have to wait!

The screenplay, written by Roberto D’Antona and Marco Sani (Hydra – The Series) is based on a story created by Roberto D’Antona and Marco Stefano Poletti.

The director and the rest of the crew will be announced in 2014.

In February 2014 there will be casting for the Fan-Film, we will try the main characters, the supporting roles and will try many, but many ZOMBIES.

The beginning of the shoot is scheduled for the last week of March 2014.

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All Rights Reserved CAPCOM®


“RESIDENT EVIL: REVOLUTION” is a NON-PROFIT FAN FILM. It is not intended for sale or resale of any kind. It is strictly for Entertainment purposes only.

The filmmakers who have produced this fan film are in no way affiliated with CAPCOM or other merchants of the Resident Evil franchise. Although we would really like to be.

“This Fan Film contains violent scenes and bloody”

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