Project Rebirth: Reloaded

Director Althea O’Toole is proud to announce the release of the teaser for “Project Rebirth: Reloaded” – a Marvel inspired short superhero Fan Film directed by Alethea O’Toole starring Richard Baderinwa as Isaiah Bradley, Rosebud Moss as Faith Bradley and Aija Terauda as Black Widow II.

Project Rebirth: Reloaded is the story of Isaiah Bradley – an early test subject during the second World War of the United State’s Super Soldiers program called Project: Rebirth. Isaiah unwillingly became the first successful patient after Steven Rogers in the program and was then known by some as the “first black Captain America”.

Isaiah is enlisted by the government in a covert suicide mission to destroy Nazi efforts at Schwarzebitte concentration camp, where he succeeded.

This story is a re-imaging of Isaiah’s journey as Captain America and his reemergence as he teams up with new friends like Yelena Belova (Black Widow II) and joins S.H.I.E.L.D.

Richard Baderinwa plays the title role of Isaiah.

“What an amazing opportunity to be part of bringing this character to screen with such a talented group people,” says Baderinwa, SAG-AFTRA actor, writer and producer. “This film was made for comic fans by fans of the comics we grew up on.” Project Rebirth:Reloaded can be seen at festivals soon with details to follow.





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