Missing Videos Addressed

If you’ve noticed recently that some of the videos on the site aren’t accessible then I’m here to clue you in as to why. Some party at Warner Brothers apparently had some time on their hands and decided to contact YouTube in order to flag the videos for the Follies account specifically related to the Gotham Girl’s webisodes. In turn, YouTube went ahead and suspended our account.

This makes little sense since Warner Brothers provides the episodes for free on their website and you could do a search on YouTube and watch the episodes on other accounts. Who even knows if it was really a party at Warner Brothers who flagged the account in the first place. Does someone at Warner Brother’s really have the time to worry about a flash based webseries that only die hard Batman the Animated Series fans have a fleeting thought remembrance of anyway?


As you can imagine it becomes very frustrating as we rely on YouTube to host films on our account that can’t be found elsewhere. And as you know we would never make a profit from YouTube or off the Fan Film Follies website for someone else’s intellectual property. We are here to celebrate these characters and ideas.

What this suspension means is that all the videos on that account are gone as well as any playlist that relates other YouTube member’s videos. I’m currently attempting to get the YouTube account re-established and we’ll link the Gotham Girl episodes off the Warner Brother’s website rather that hosting them on the YouTube account if this happens.

If we can’t get the YouTube site back that takes the wind out of the Fan Film Follies sails as it took countless hours to put these films together. It will take a lot more to get everything back up. This will make us reevaluate the site as a whole. But that determination will be made once YouTube makes their decision.

  • Hamish Downie

    Actually, our fan film “Silent Hill: Stolen Heart” got hit too. I think we are going to redo the music, and try and get it back out there again.

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