Max Payne Fan Film Launches First Teaser Trailer

To mark 15 years since the video game “Max Payne” was first released, Two ambitious filmmakers from London have re-ignited our love for the franchise with a Max Payne Teaser Trailer to their Short Fan Film “Max Payne Retribution” which has been in production since January 2016.


Director Leroy Kincaide and Producer Chloe Chudasama have now wrapped filming of the short fan film after 5 months of long nights and early mornings. With post production now fully in motion they have released a Max teaser trailer to celebrate the 15 years since Max Payne was first officially released.

We suspect the Official Trailer will be launching in September and will feature more of the cast especially the beloved Mona Sax played by Gracie Tyrrell.

Even though the filmmakers didn’t reach their target, with just over £1500 they still wanted to make an epic and ambitious fan film with the resources they had, as well as give fans of the game something to get excited about.

Follow the project on the below to keep updated with the progress, and more importantly when the film will be released online (Hopefully November 2016) and who knows, perhaps in the future we can see a feature film adaption on the big screen some time soon.


Nocturnal Pictures is headed up by Award Winning Director and Writer Leroy Kincaide and Producer Chloe Chudasama. They are a British Production Company who produce thought evoking narratives, combined with a dark and cinematic style specialising in Thriller/Action and Horror Genres.


Chloe Chudasama (Producer)

Teaser Trailer:


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