Kick Start The Fastest

The Fastest is a sci-fi action series in which citizens of the small borough of Tran’s Port, find themselves moving and thinking at light speed after an accident affects random inhabitants in strange ways. It’s a webseries that features a rotating anthology of stories that connect in surprising ways.


Rupert Tran was the most prominent globe trekking entrepreneur of the 21st century and fostered the spirit of commerce, travel, science, culture and technology pouring his nearly infinite resources into the creation of New York City’s sixth borough, Tran’s Port. Tran’s Port was created to be at the forefront of a new renaissance in the 21st century. Tran’s Port acts as a hub of information and commerce as people from around the world begin to take notice. But upon Rupert Tran’s disappearance and presumed demise, an initiative was activated to give the borough some hope of existing in his absence; refining and researching new technologies for the military in the “war against terror”. One evening a fantastic event occurs: an impossibly big lightning storm hits the city and several people are struck by lighting. Miraculously they survive and are blessed with the power of hyper-active speed, intelligence and reflexes. Some have used it for personal gain, others merely survival. But all of them pique the interests of several parties that want the people and powers for themselves.

It’s a fun combination of sci-fi, comedy, action, and comic bookiness that for all to enjoy. Take a look at the KickStarter page and help spread the word about it!

As you probably know the way KickStarter works is that for the money you invest, you’re given a unique bonus, so monetary donations of various levels gets you access to exclusive photos, props from the set, behind the scenes videos, and more. Thanks for supporting independent filmmaking.

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