Justice League: Apokolips Now

Justice League: Apokolips Now is a fan film directed by Brett Kelly. Production has begun and the film is expected to premiere online this spring. Earth is under assault by a meteor shower. The Justice League is called in to stop the projectiles from space before lives are lost. As our heroes discover, the meteors are more than they seem and their arrival is anything but an accident.

To my understanding this film will play like an overextended trailer in the same vein as the fan film classic, Grayson. I’m a little skeptical if this film can be pulled off and by the coming spring. I’ve seen a lot of ambitious fan films collapse because of the sheer weight of the story and source material. We’re talking about the Justice League. I can’t think of a more ambitious set of characters than the JLA. I’ll be interested to see how this one progresses. If the costume fitting is any indication of how this film will turn out then there may be a new fan film classic coming at us. Keep an eye on their FaceBook page for updates.

  • art rhetoric

    very nice Wonder Woman costume as well as Hawkman. Looks like the Atom has been seriously working out. :p
    Interesting so far.

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