John Stewart: Rise of the New Lantern

Director Jim Ewing announces the completion of John Stewart: Rise of the New Lantern, a DC Comics-inspired superhero short fan film, written and produced by Rich Baderinwa.

Bound by oath, a small but powerful brotherhood of warriors serve as the guardians of intergalactic order in the universe. For centuries, the Green Lantern Corps have remained the protectors of peace and justice. Each hero is armed with a ring that grants him superhuman powers. This film depicts the rise of the corps’ newest recruit, John Stewart, as Green Lantern of Sector 2814, one of DC Comic’s first black costumed superheroes.

Stewart is an architect and veteran U.S. Marine from Detroit, who was selected by the Guardians as a replacement for Hal Jordan, after fellow superhero Guy Gardner was seriously injured. Stewart reluctantly accepts the position and becomes the newest Green Lantern.

The character John Stewart was originally featured in the Green Lantern mythos within the DC Universe and appeared in the spin-off comic Green Lantern: Mosaic in the early 90s. He was also one of the primary heroes on the television cartoon Justice League. Currently, Stewart is a major recurring character in DC’s monthly comic books, Green Lantern Vol. 4.

“I have been a devoted fan of John Stewart for years, so it is exciting to be a part of bringing this comic to the screen with such a talented team,” said Baderinwa, SAG-AFTRA writer, actor and producer. “This film was made by fans for fans and is sure to make more.”

John Stewart stars Baderinwa in the title role, and also stars Jason DeVan, Forest Welton, and Deanna Meske. The film also features Tracy Weisert and Shawn Douglas in supporting roles, and the brilliant voice acting of Cedric Williams, Jr. John Stewart was shot in Los Angeles, complete with a battle scene on the rooftop of the National Lampoon building overlooking the city.

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