Indiana Jones and the Search for the Lost Idol

This short film was shot entirely in Tenerife (Canary Islands) in 2008 conducted without a budget, without the help of a producer, without a professional team and only with a group of friends, my Canon XL2 and much love for cinema. This short film is a personal tribute to a director who I admire a lot, Steven Spielberg.

The story begins in Tenerife (1948), where Indiana Jones is looking for some Spanish doubloons whereabouts. The journey continues in Portugal, where he will meet Mr. Giovanni, an art collector, who will try to exchange doubloons for a major treasure from his past.



  • art rhetoric

    This was great, the locations, historical props, the crisp filming, lighting, music, the actors looked like they enjoyed being involved. Eerie mood was set well in the beginning. Nice fight scene, looked raw as in real life, not choreographed. Excellent tribute. I look forward to more of this teams’ productions. They seem to have a good formula.

  • Donovan

    I LOVE IT! This is great movie. Really captured the spirit of Indy! Congrats! I am sure Spielberg would be happy with this tribute.

  • Fran Casanova

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