Grim: A Tale of Death

Lewis McGregor sent along information on an original fantasy/thriller/drama series entitled Grim: A Tale of Death that has been worked on for the past two years. In a very small nutshell the story follows a group of Grim Reapers. The Grim Reaper, Angel of Death, Father Time, Shinigami are all widely known across many cultures and religions as the personification of death and guides the souls of those who have recently died to the afterlife or the underworld. The story focuses on what happens in-between these guided trips. They want to tell a unique and original story, not compiled full of fast edits, CGI and blaring gun fights, just a comprehensive and fulfilling story. The Follies will keep an eye on this one and post updates as they happen. Make sure you go over and visit their FaceBook fan page.

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