Follies Updates

Good day all. Wanted to shoot out a personal message to everyone and update you a little with what was and is going on with the site. As you may of noticed, until recently, no new content was added to the Fan Film Follies since November 2012. Not only was this around the holidays, but sure enough real life got in the way. This also includes not answering back a lot of your emails. For this I apologize. I was able to get back to some of you, but not all. I have four months of emails I never answered to sift through, but I promise I will get back to each and everyone who corresponded to me.

I also went through the links section of this website to make sure all of the films presented were up and working. In most cases they are. Some people have hidden their films or have taken down their films or have had the films taken down for them. In an ideal world I should find a way to host these films so that never happens, but there are two reasons I don’t. The most important of reasons is the traffic when watching these films should belong to the person that originally posted them. A majority of the time that would be the filmmaker. And almost importantly, the sheer volume of work to host all those films would be crazy.

I would also like the thank you. Yes. You! The person reading this post. I’ve received some very nice compliments on the site recently and cliché as it may read it is a labor of love. I’m glad to hear and read that people enjoy Fan Film Follies as much as I enjoy sharing all these great films with you.

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