Fanarchy Premieres July 9th on EPIX

UPDATE July 3rd, 2015. Adding the official trailer and poster to this article.

On July 19th, 2015 Epix will have the US television premiere of a documentary dedicated to the world of the Fan Film appropriately titled – Fanarchy. Donna Davies directs, writes and co-produces the documentary with Ann Bernier through their Ruby Tree Films. For an extra bonus, yours truly was interviewed for the piece and even more awesome is the Fan Film Follies website is going to get some great exposure because of it. And of course that means all the great films posted on the site will also get some great exposure as well.

“A Documentary Feature Film about the evolution of the entertainment industry. The barbarians are at the gate! Fanarchy explores the rise of fan culture and the ways in which modern fandom is challenging the Hollywood system by becoming a creative force in its own right. Questions are raised about copyright, intellectual property and the concept of originality in a re-mix culture.”

I’ve seen a couple rough cuts of the documentary and I can confidently tell you it explores this world we all love called the Fan Film and does so with a multitude of respect. I’m pretty excited to see the finished product and will hope you can tune in to watch this fun piece of film. I’m being told more information will become available as the week progresses so I’ll be updating as it is released.

In the meantime support this documentary by “liking” them over at the official FaceBook page.



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