Fallout: Nuka Break – Tales from the Wasteland

Wayside Creations welcomes Chris Avellone and Brian Fargo as special guests in their latest Fallout-inspired short film.

Founding fathers of the Fallout video game series sign on for Tales from the Wasteland

The newest installment in the Nuka Break canon takes Wayside Creations back to the world of Fallout. Tales from the Wasteland offers new insight and backstory to the iconic Nuka Break character, The Ranger. Wayside is thrilled to welcome Chris Avellone and Brian Fargo to their production. Chris Avellone is a video game designer recognized for his work on Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas, and his contributions to the Wasteland universe. Brian Fargo founded Interplay Entertainment and was head of the company during the development and release of Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics. As a crowdfunding stretch goal, Avellone and Fargo will be featured in Tales from the Wasteland with an extended version of their scene shot for the film’s special features. An exclusive Kickstarter perk will allow a select number of backers to appear in the short alongside Avellone and Fargo.


About Wayside Creations

Wayside Creations is a Los Angeles based production company specializing in liveaction video game adaptations. Since their initial fan film in 2011, Wayside Creations has produced two seasons of Fallout: Nuka Break, as well as the critically-acclaimed short Red Star. Nuka Break seasons 1 & 2 and Red Star have collectively been watched over 8 million times and received two IAWTV Awards in 2014.

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