“Fallout: Nuka Break” Season 2

Wayside Creations, in association with Dracogen Strategic Investments, has launched its Kickstarter for a second season of Fallout: Nuka Break. After releasing a successful first season completely funded by fans, the creators are excited to film another six episodes that will be released on YouTube. With director Vincent Talenti once again at the helm, actors Zack Finfrock, Tybee Diskin and Aaron Giles will all reprise their roles from the first fan film, and fan-favorite actor Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) will play one of many new characters introduced in the second season.

Wayside Creations is a Los Angeles-based production company specializing in online media. In 2010, Wayside took the reigns of Indymogul.com’s popular do-it-yourself filmmaking web series, “Backyard FX.” In the beginning of 2011, Wayside released the virally popular fan film Fallout: Nuka Break, a short film set in the “Fallout” video game universe. Several months later, a successful “Nuka Break” series was released and nominated for two awards by the IAWTV. Wayside consists of several writers, directors and producers with several years of film industry experience.

To view the original fan film and season one of Fallout: Nuka Break, link me:

About Dracogen Strategic Investments

Dracogen Strategic Investments provides early critical-stage seed capital for new, game-changing startup businesses. Steven Dengler assisted Wayside Creations by donating $5,000 on the Fallout: Nuka Break IndieGoGo.com page, making him an Associate Producer on the project.

About 11:11 MediaWorks

11:11 MediaWorks is a full-service design/effects studio located in beautiful Van Nuys, California. Launched in July of 2001 by veteran effects artist/designer Roger Nall, 11:11 specializes in producing visual effects and imagery for feature film, television, commercial, music video, and interactive multimedia projects as well as for special presentations and events. Some recent credits include Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, Blood Diamond, The Hurricane Season, Spread, Van Wilder 2 & 3, Eragon, Little Man and The Omen.

Contact Tybee Diskin: waysiderelations@gmail.com

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