Fallout: Nuka Break – Season 2 RELEASED

Wayside Creations is proud to announce the second season of their series “Fallout: Nuka Break”, based on the popular Fallout videogame franchise, has debuted on Machinima’s YouTube channel. Vincent Talenti returns to direct alongside lead actors, Tybee Diskin, Zack Finfrock, Aaron Giles, Cameron Diskin and producer Anthony Clementi. The creation of the second season began after Wayside raised over $130,000 on Kickstarter in 2012.

This season of Nuka Break finds our heroes right where we left them: facing the nuclear destruction of their beloved Eastwood. With Ben’s health declining and the threat of Leon’s presence, Scar, Ben, and Twig find themselves separated and in more danger than ever. To rid the world of Leon’s evil once and for all, they must each face their own demons and, ultimately, make a sacrifice. “The success of the Kickstarter campaign propelled us into a different realm of opportunity with filmmaking,” said Talenti. “Our intention was to create a story-driven webseries at professional-grade quality. We wanted to give the fans something greater than a fan film or series has ever been.” Wayside Creations did just that with previous Fallout work, and this upcoming season is expected to exceed all others done in the past. The production value has been praised by fans and peers as one of the most impressive and visually stunning web series ever created.

Fallout designers and programmers, Chris Avellone and Tim Cain, were involved in the creative process, and the pair also have roles in the series. Nuka Break also features Vic Mignogna from Fullmetal Alchemist and Star Trek Continues.

You can check out the new episodes here at the Fan Film Follies.

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