Captain Future Opening Credits

Director David Guivant an admirer of classic Animes and Mangas, is now working on a new project called : Captain Future, inspired by the SCI-FI Classic created by Edmond Hamilton and the Japanese Anime from the 70’s.

The main character is Curtis Newton, a brilliant scientist and adventurer who roams the solar system solving problems, righting wrongs, and vanquishing futuristic supervillains.

The hero himself had many incarnations and different features, depending on various artist’s impressions, this project takes places 5 years after the events described in the Novels and the Anime.

The project is entirely produced in 2D, following director Kazuaki Kirya’s footsteps (Casshern, Goemon) where cartoon and live action collide. (No 3D has been used for this project).

Captain Future VFX Reel

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