Becoming Batman Season 3 Launch

Becoming Batman, the British comedy series returns with a dramatic season premiere. The third season, titled Bat To The Future, follows the ongoing struggles of a British Batman who is battling a succession of emerging comic book villains in a Buckinghamshire village.

Created by Al Clayton, Stuart Laws and Nick Long, it started as a series of short videos, inspired by a real local newspaper headline. Becoming Batman is now a full-on, action comedy that has gained fans around the world for its Batman and film references, funny dialogue and set pieces and unique take on the Batman universe.

The first two seasons have racked up almost 300,000 views as audiences clamoured to watch the training and development of “Wayne Bruce” as a small village’s Dark Knight and his subsequent progression to crime-fighting vigilante. Having already faced off against The Riddler, Red Hood and The Joker the third season will see Batman tackling the growing menace from The Joker along with The Cat Lady and some other surprising guest appearances.

Bat To The Future episode one was released on June 22nd and resumed the story from the Back To The Future inspired cliff-hanger at the end of season two, in which Wayne Bruce accidentally invents the “flux capacitor”. The rest of the twelve-episode season will be released throughout the rest of the year and will feature returning stars such as Chris Boyd (BBC3’s “Live at The Electric”), Amy Kowlek (Girls In Love, Roland Emmerich’s “Anonymous”) and Simon and Julia Indelicate from rock band The Indelicates. As well as new stars such as James Acaster (E4’s “Show & Tell”).

The first two series are available to watch in playlists on the Becoming Batman YouTube channel, the same place that new episodes will be uploaded. The first season was also edited into a feature film, available to watch on Vimeo.

Make sure you catch the season 3 premiere episode right here at the Fan Film Follies.

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