Alabama Ghostbusters: A Web Series

Alabama Ghostbusters member and University of Alabama film professor Adam Schwartz created the series, which takes a slightly darker and more mysterious tone than the original films.

“We really wanted to stand out from the rest of the Ghostbusters fan-films,” Schwartz said. “A lot of fan films simply try to re-create their favorite moments from the film. With this series, we want to tell a whole new Ghostbusters story and focus on the character and story development first and foremost, not simply zapping and trapping ghosts, though that’s coming to be sure.”

The pilot, released in February, contains a couple of notable cameos. Ernie Hudson, who played original Ghostbuster Winston Zeddemore, plays the voice on the Alabama Ghostbusters’ answering machine recording. Robin Shelby, who donned the Slimer costume in Ghostbusters 2, appears on one of the posters on the wall in the headquarters.


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