A New Social Network For Pop Culture and Entertainment Fans!

Hey fan film lovers! What if there was one place where you could hang out with all your favorite characters? Where you could learn everything there is to know about Batman or Harry Potter or any other favorites, and even learn which characters are the most similar to you?

And what if everyone who loves characters as much as you do gets to hang out there too?

CharacTour, the site devoted to fictional characters and the fans who love them, is about to launch its brand new social network. You’ll be able to get matched to characters and other fans like you, find real-life versions of your favorite characters, and share all your favorite fandoms with people who love them as much as you do!

Be the first to know when the social network launches by signing up here: http://signup.charactour.com

In the meantime, hang out with us and all your favorite characters already on the site at charactour.com!

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