Harry Potter Prequel Web Series

Adam J. Villasenor (22) is an Orange county independent filmmaker and alumni of the Capistrano eUnified School District, he was checked into Mission Hospital on December 30th 2011 @ 9:00 pm. After hitting his head on the concrete at the Mission Viejo mall parking structure. He was immediately rushed to the Mission Hospital emergency room. His head injury resulted in a unique case of amnesia during the initial stages of post production of his directorial debut and passion project, “Sirius Black and the Secret Keeper – Episode 1” an unofficial prequel to the beloved Harry Potter Franchise.

“Try waking up in 2012, thinking your still in 2008 and everyone’s telling you you’re a filmmaker and you’ve shot a prequel to Harry Potter. I thought… what am I? Crazy! I couldn’t believe I chose filmmaking as a career choice and that I shot a film of that magnitude! I felt like I was in an episode of the twilight zone, close friends and family were strangers to me and it took time to register what had happened. Strange way to start the New Year.” says Adam.

Fortunately for all of us Adams amnesia lasted 4 months as his memory slowly returned to him. Once he regained his composure he dove head first(pun intended) back into finishing the film. ” I had to finish what I started… This was the one thing that I kept remembering, I couldn’t let my crew down even though I had no idea who they were at the time or the fans. I had to relearn everything, all the programs, and skill set I acquired over time, but out of this I started crafting my own original story and script called “The Mushroom River” which falls within the same genre as the Harry Potter Series. “In a strange way this whole situation ignited a flame in me and made me feel 10 times better about my craft” says Adam.

The Harry Potter franchise officially ended with the final installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows leaving many fans heartbroken. “ It’s my entire childhood. I bought the first book when I was seven years old and have read all of them and seen every movie since and now its come to an end and the fact that he’s bringing the magical world back is just amazing!” says one fan.

“All Harry Potter Fans rejoice as there seems to be more of this amazing story coming your way. Although the website is fast to claim its fan film and is not affiliated with JK Rowling, Scholastic Books, Bloomsbury Publishing or Warner Brothers, the title of this fan film still intrigues. The website itself doesn’t tell much at all apart from the actors names, who directed it, the name of the film itself and the release date so you are left to imagine for yourself what this could be. Fans of the books will remember though that the story was told how Sirius Black was going to be used as the secret keeper for Harry’s parents location but was eventually given to Peter “Wormtail” Pettigrew. This would suggest that this web-series will focus on that part of the story which should have fans excited. Sirius Black and the Secret Keeper takes a different approach then that of the films” says blogger Mike McGourley.

“Adam really out did himself! From tragedy to triumph, I mean he started to make the film because he wanted to prove he could make a big action adventure film. He must of done something right because the film was accepted into the two biggest Harry Potter conventions in the world; Acendio 2012 and Leaky Con even after smacking his head. It was the worst experience seeing my brother in that condition. He was resilient and I couldn’t be more proud of him” says brother and actor Reymond VillaSenor, 26 ( The Infamous Exploits of Jack West, The Fighter, Respect and Loyalty) who stars as Sirius Black in the film.

The film will make its world wide web premiere via the internet and at Ascendio 2012 in Orlando Florida where a quick behind the scenes will explain the rare circumstances that preluded to finishing the film as well as Part 1 of the series which will launch his own Kickstarter Campaign for his original work “The Mushroom River.”

“I really hope the fans enjoy it as much as we loved making it. I will continue to make the series but having the fans behind me to make my own original work will be awesome because not only are they keeping alive a world that we all know and love but they get to be part of creating an entire new one” says Adam.

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