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To individuals or groups that are sending the Fan Film Follies information and news on their films and projects please conform to some type of written press release.  This will make your project look very professional and make it a little bit easier on the staff of the website to post. You know your film better than anyone so promote the heck out of it with pictures, links, and information.

If we don’t receive a press release based on your project we’ll have no choice, but to delete your email without responding. Sending us links to your Indiegogo or Kickstarter page is NOT a press release. Thank you for your understanding.

Here are a couple quality releases you can use as a template:

If you have a completed film and just want it linked to our “Movies” section all we would require is a synopsis of the film. If a synopsis is already embedded on the link you send then that is all we require.

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  • derrick

    have you guys seen these?!? might be the best fan made anything i’ve ever seen! DC needs to do this!

    Superman Doomsday – The Death of Superman

    Superman Doomsday – Funeral for a Friend


    Hey, i played Ian in the Masters of Luxor and have lost contact with Antony and Frank…and due to an apartment fire lost my copy of the episode, any information you may have on obtaining a copy would be greatly appreciated., or 904-322-9154…thank you

  • I’ll send your information along to them, Scott.

  • Silence Is Golden

    Silence Is Golden is the most definitive and most anticipated James Bond fan film of all time, Set after the events of Die Another Day James Bond goes on one of his deadliest missions yet featuring many real locations in and around London, the classic Aston Martin DB5, real stunts, and a chilling story based on real life events this makes it one of the best and most awaited fan film project on the internet today.

    After MI6 is attacked by a terrorist James Bond tracks him down and interrogates him into giving the name of the people behind the attack a company called “Forest Labs”. After 007 infiltrates the lab he finds the scientists are in the process of making a weapon for Soviet-Afghan war veteran Ivan Dragnov, Dragnov who owns Forest Labs throughout the whole world intends to blackmail the leaders of the world for domination of their countries or he will unleash the weapon upon the world. Bond is sent to Belarus with only basic gadgets, his raw instincts, and a few contacts to help him. 007 must take on a small army, double agents and anyone else who has been paid off by Dragnov to help him succeed in his bid for World domination. Has James Bond finally met his match, will the world finally fall?

    James Bond – Matthew Wood
    Ivan Dragnov – Kirk Baker
    Stranger – Martin Hart
    Gorbunov – Gary Nicholson
    Katrina Sultry – Gemma Mountain

    After watching many James Bond fan films on the internet and being a massive James Bond fan himself Matthew Wood wanted to set out to make the biggest James Bond fan film of all time. After this he founded Wood Studios in 2009 and came up with an early draft of the script to what is now known as SIlence Is Golden. After talking to the project with friends who were interested he finally had his cast. In April 2010 shooting began and complications arose as the tough job of bringing the best James Bond fan film on the internet took it’s toll on the inexpereinced film crew. In April 2011 a year later it was re-visited with new locations and an improved script which proved more successful. However several jinxes happened along the way including actors no longer commited to the film, a car crash on the way to shooting the film and the microphone breaking on set. It was looking as if the film was going to be abandoned altogether. However Matthew Wood’s determination as writer, director and star of the film carried the film over halfway complete with the trailer released in Jan 2011 and the film scheduled for release summer 2012. With already over 200 hundred views on youtube in the trailers first week and only a few more scenes to film the biggest James Bond Fan Film of all time is set to become a major hit on the internet.

    Release – Sumer 2012

    Length – Unkown (Feature Length)

    Wood Studios Facebook Page –!/pages/Wood-Studios/185416691491722

    Wood Studios Youtube Channel –

    Silence Is Golden Facebook Fan Page –!/pages/Silence-Is-Golden/106771072754619

  • Ivan Kolesnik Fishermen from Bratsk (Siberia) made a fan film to Pro Pilkki 2 (’99), a classical Finnish winter fishing simulator.

    “We believe Pro ​​Pilkki 2 to be the best winter fishing simulator. We could not pass it and played Pro Pilkki in real life. This was so much fun that we decided to share it with you. Happy viewing! “- this was a description to an unusual video from Bratks fishermen that Internet recently saw.

    What is it about? Pro Pilkki 2 is a well-known Finnish winter fishing simulator, an extremely popular online game. Players around the world arrange online championships and competitions in fishing.

    Bratsk guys decided to make an “a la Bratsk” version, and shot a film. They borrowed only music and some sounds from the original game. The rest was redrawn, re-voiced and shot in Bratsk by fishermen, not by professionals film-makers.

    “Before we got started, we of course contacted the creators of the game. The Finns were thrilled at our idea. They gave permission to use music, sounds and everything that could help, – says Anatoly Kolesnik, one of the film-makers. – Once we laid out the general concept video, we starget shooting. We got on the ice on January 21st, when it was -28°C”.
    When general scenes and the holes were shot, the most painstaking work began. We had to adapt the scenes to the game. The most difficult part was working with the pictures for the menu: we had to draw all the icons from scratch. “We’ve been working hard on each item for a whole month, – says Anatoly, – Of course, none of of us was a professional artist, we were just doing our best. When we needed to draw a locker – we had to make a photo in a furniture store, and only after that we could draw the picture. Next was the film editing and voicework.”

    As a result, the video was so realistic that at times you do not understand whether it is a game, fishing video or just a video of someone playing. Game fans appreciated the parody: the video got almost 100,000 views within a couple of days. Glowing comments were posted by fans of the game around the world, as well as other people. The creators of the original game also posted enthusiastic comments to the video:
    “Absolutely AMAZING video! You just can not understand how I feel now! Smiling and laughing, what a wonderful piece of art! Excellent! Thanks for making this! ” – wrote a creator of the game Mikko Happo.

    After recording the interview, Anatoly Kolesnik said that what’s more important, the film was to show that one could and should live in Bratsk. The city is a nice place for everyone to live a good life, have a good rest, and carry out daring ideas. One only needs to wish!

  • Dark Hoffman

    I have written and plan on directing an original Star Wars film with new characters and plots. It’s the story of two brothers, one Jedi, One Sith, searching for the ultimate power, The Blood Kyber Crystal and being manipulated by a Sith Lord to find out who is the strongest. It is a heart breaking, action filled drama. We have a great script, storyboards, and cast and crew standing by but need more funding. We have a crowdfunding page at called The Blood Crystal and also a Facebook page, that explains everything. I came ups with the idea while in the hospital for stage 4 cancer in my upper and lower jaw. This is why, in the intro video, I talk a bit funny but am healing well and will be moving back to Michigan soon to see doctors at UofM. Please help post this and May the Force be With You.

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