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To individuals or groups that are sending the Fan Film Follies information and news on their films and projects please conform to some type of written press release.  This will make your project look very professional and make it a little bit easier on the staff of the website to post. You know your film better than anyone so promote the heck out of it with pictures, links, and information.

If we don’t receive a press release based on your project we’ll have no choice, but to delete your email without responding. Sending us links to your Indiegogo or Kickstarter page is NOT a press release. Thank you for your understanding.

Here are a couple quality releases you can use as a template:

If you have a completed film and just want it linked to our “Movies” section all we would require is a synopsis of the film. If a synopsis is already embedded on the link you send then that is all we require.

For any general inquiries, comments, news releases, or just to say hello email us with

If you’re interested in joining our team by adding your own voice to the site you can contact me at

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