Very Adult Fan Films

Fan Film Porn Parody Star WarsBefore you read this, the title of the article should clue you into what I’ll be discussing. If adult films aren’t your thing perhaps some clean, random fun would be more to your liking. Parental discretion is very much advised.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO nudity or anything questionable in any of the videos I post in this article, maybe a little innuendo and some really dirty language, but little else. These are all YouTube videos and all videos have had the sex and nudity cut out. JUST REMEMBER! The language can get pretty extreme. I’ve heard it all so the shock value goes over my head.

In this edition of Adult Child of Alien Invaders I want to discuss something that is very near and dear to my heart – PORN. I live it, I breath it and I bask in the glory of it. If I’m not watching porn I’m eating, sleeping or doing my business in the bathroom. You know what business I’m talking about.

Alright, I may be in a goofy mood while writing this edition. It must have been the dog waking me up at 4am or maybe the three cups of coffee flowing through my veins. Why are we talking about porn and what the heck does it have to do with Fan Films? The answer is simple – Porn Fan Films of course.

I discovered these by accident several years ago. No – really – it’s true. I knew there were Star Trek and Star Wars porn out there, but didn’t realize the extent of the fervor. They have porn “parodies” (and I use the word parody loosely) for everything and anything you could think of. You name a television show there’s a porn knock off for it out there. They made porn based on the sitcom The Office, one of my favorite shows of all time. Blasphemy! That’s really hard to take in. That’s what she said.

In the case of the Fan Film Follies where we touch mostly on comic books, science fiction, fantasy and horror we’ll stick to those genres in this case. Well, maybe not horror. That’s even weird for me to talk about. Horror porn – I’m sure it’s out there.

How do these porn filmmakers get away with selling these films and making a profit off a studio’s intellectual property? I’m sure most of you know the answer. For those who don’t know “parodies” fall under the fair use law in the United States. If you’re making fun of it you can make money off it. It’s as simple as that.

Fan Film Porn Parody BatmanIn my opinion, porn is porn. I’ve certainly seen my share of porn in one life time. It doesn’t really faze me. I know it shocks a lot of people and some people reading this article may be equally shocked. There’s only so many ways it can be presented. Nudity is nudity. Sex is sex. There’s only so many ways you can do it and the end result is always the same in most cases. I personally don’t get hung up over it. I’m from the frame of mind that it’s a natural thing. I just don’t see it as this big taboo thing that needs to be shunned. Should your twelve-year-old son or daughter be watching it? Hell no. Should a twelve-year-old son and daughter be reading this article? Hell no. All I can say is pay attention to what your kids are doing. I never said this was a child friendly site. Watch some of the Fan Films I’ve posted and that can clue you in. This is a very adult topic and I’m not the police of the internet.

Now that I got that off my chest I can proceed with the discussion.

Porn Fan Films! They exist. And I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve sat down and watched a couple or twelve of these. As in all porn, the acting is atrocious, the fake moaning of artificial ecstasy is still hilarious, but wholly crap some of the sets and costumes are very cool in some of these films. And that’s the reason I’m even bothering to write this article. These are Fan Films. OK! They’re naughty productions, but in some strange way on Bizarro World they still have some semblance of coolness. As the great Hikaru Kato Sulu would say, “OH MY!”

You can go to Google and put mostly any property you can think of in the search engine with the word “porn” after it and it’s been made. I found the Smurfs for Christ sakes. Is nothing sacred? Scooby Doo. Pokeman. The Simpsons. Is there no end to the madness!?!

Here are some films you may enjoy that I feel have some good production values to them for a Fan Film, Porn, Parody budget anyways. I got a kick out of them. I also included some funny videos of people spotlighting some of the films.

Remember, all these videos have been cut to show ZERO sex or nudity. They really aren’t any different than the dozens of films you can find in the links section of this website. Some of the videos do request you to sign in to verify your age. AND also keep in mind the language can get pretty raw.

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And a bonus video because Kelly Landry cracks me up.

6 Unbelievable Facts About Porn

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