Since 2002 I’ve been covering the world of Fan Films in one capacity or another. Never did I think after all these years would I still be covering these fantastic productions. What’s a fan film you may ask? If you’re not familiar with the term a fan film is a film or video inspired by a movie, television program, comic book or a similar source, created by fans rather than by the source’s copyright holders or creators. These fans range in every age group, economic stature, social background, and level of experience in the genre. We’re not talking about a bunch of kids running around in the woods with their parent’s old video camera. Although that does happen the majority of the people that make these films are not only die hard fans of the source material, but also dedicated in learning every aspect of filming, editing, special effects, costume making, etc. A great majority even have backgrounds or currently work in Hollywood and/or make a living in one capacity or the other in film. If you look at some of the finest fan films produced they are comparable or exceed much of what is showing at your local theaters today.

Why am I so into these things? These films revolve around a certain fan base. Normally they deal with superheroes, science fiction, or horror. You’ll probably never see a Gone With the Wind fan film or a Grey’s Anatomy fan film. Normally these films target people who read comic books, have seen Star Wars one hundred times, have been watching Doctor Who for twenty plus years, and I think you probably get the idea. They’re very genre based. I enjoy them for a couple reasons. In many cases these characters I’ve been reading about for years have never seen live action. It’s fun to see these characters come to life. It’s also interesting to see the individual takes and representations of individual characters. There are dozens of Batman fan films online in most cases each film showing a different interpretation of that character. And what interests me probably the most is what a creator can do with a limited budget. Hollywood throws millions of dollars on movie making often turning out what I like to call crap. When someone can make a film for $500 and entertain me more than Hollywood it simply amazes me.

This brings me to the Fan Film Follies website and the Fan Film Podcast. This site exists because I’ve been writing for other sites in the past on the subject of fan films and for one reason or the other I always felt after time that I kept running into a brick wall as far as expanding content in expanding these films to a broader audience. I think the term is control freak. By designing and hosting my own site I’m the boss so I can do what ever the heck I want to with it. The Podcast is an easy one. I helped start that with my co-host Fanboy Will McKenzie simply because I wanted to talk to the people making these films.

What you’ll see on this website is fan films of course. My desire is to make the site easy to navigate so you can view the best of the best. I’m not going to cover every fan film that’s out there. That would be impossible. And my goal is never to slight or praise one film over the other. I’ll also be adding fan audio which is another fun aspect of fan creations.  I hope you enjoy the site.  I also must thank all the awesome people who put together these great productions.

– Christopher Moshier

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